Meet Our Kids


PeytonMy name is Peyton McMahon, I am six years old, I live with my Mom, Dad and sister in Cohutta, Georgia (about 15 miles from Chattanooga Tennessee).  I was diagnosed with Christianson Syndrome in October of 2016. I have all of the typical symptoms such as life threatening seizures, unsteady gait, developmental delays, happy disposition and I am non-verbal.  A few of my favorite things are: I love to play and be outdoors, I am extremely fascinated with water, I love to play with wheels and I love music, I enjoy to be close to people and cuddle, that is when you can catch me!  I am a very high-energy guy, always on the go!  This year I began Kindergarten and I am enjoying being at school, my Mom is the school nurse at my school, so she gets to check on me all day.  My parents are currently building me a Peyton friendly home, where they hope to set up a small farm with miniature donkeys, chickens and hopefully a horse/dog (great dane) for me to play with, I am really looking forward to it!


WyattMy name is Wyatt Brewster. Everyone calls me "WyWy." I was diagnosed with Christianson Syndrome right before my 2nd birthday.

I am a very picky eater, only eating Gerber's oatmeal and Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and some snacks, such as goldfish crackers and bananas.

I am very hyperactive and LOVE to laugh! My favorite place to be is outside, especially if I can play with water or go on a 4-wheeler ride with my Daddy!

I have a younger sister who is typically developing. She plays with me all the time and she is my best friend, always teaching me new things and pushing me to learn!

I just recently started signing "more" and can make sounds to indicate "more," "bite," and "bath." My parents are very proud of me! I can walk, climb stairs, and climb hills! This is a big improvement, because I couldn't sit up until I was over a year old. I am a very hard worker in therapy and I make big strides every single day.

To me and my family, the diagnosis of Christianson Syndrome is just a great way to bring us together with others who understand us. It is never a barrier on my accomplishments. Without our CSA family, we never would've had the support we've needed to make changes and press on to reach the goals I've already reached!