Ty and His Teams Report

On June 8th 4th the Hayden family hosted their 4th Annual CSA Walk. Ty is loved by so many and we are always so happy to see the love on his special day. The walk celebrates Ty and raises money and awareness for CSA. Their first walk was at local park. They invited a few close friends and family and raised a few hundred dollars. The next year the Haydens decided to host it at their house and have a walk and bbq. They've had over a hundred people each year since and raised over $1000 each year.

They spend the evening hanging out with friends and family so they can share stories about Ty and tell them why it is important to raise money for CSA. This year they honored the 5 boys we have lost. It is important to the Hayden family, and to all of us, that we keep their memory alive. We are all family and losing them was hard on all of us.

The Haydens raise money for CSA because they believe in the organization. Amy says that Dave and she used to be on the walk committee for Autism Speaks and left the organization even before Ty got his CS diagnosis because so much money was going toward salaries of their employees. They love that the money they raise goes to CS conferences and research. No one is getting paid a million dollar salary!!  Every little bit counts. Amy continues, some people raise way more money than them and she used to think maybe they shouldn’t do their event because the amount raised was so small compared to other events being held by other families. They have been to two conferences now and want to make sure they continue. They walk to raise money and awareness. They walk for all the families and would love for you to join them next year in Kansas or virtually.

Hayden family 2019 Ty's Team

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